CaseLines is an advanced cloud-based collaboration solution that offers digitalization of evidence in the court. Courts across SA deal with cases handled in a variety of magnitudes, from small to large.These cases deal with an immense volume of paper handled within each court hearing. CaseLines aims to seamlessly manage court evidence for optimised proceedings.

Evidence Management


Figure 3: Caselines -




# Process Description (Follow the link to Access the Guide)
1 Allow LF/ Litigant access to view and navigate through their enrolled matter
2 Allow LF/ Litigant to upload and generate an electronic case bundle.
3 Allow LF/ Litigant to invite other parties to the matter
4 Automatic Index and pagination by the COURT ONLINE system.
5 Allow LF/ Litigant to make use of the COURT ONLINE to present their matter paper-less in court or in chambers.
6 Allow registrars and judges to make use of the COURT ONLINE adjudicate matters paper-less in court or in chambers.
7 Shall provide a Pack-n-Go (Bundle Download) feature that allows registrars and judges to download all the documents in a case file onto a portable storage device for reading at home.


Figure 4: CaseLInes