1. As part of the Service Delivery Improvement Plan, the Office of the Chief Justice (OCJ) has developed a policy on complaints management.


2. The policy sets the direction on how customer’s complaints in the OCJ must be managed by ensuring that standards and measures established by the Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation in the Presidency as well as the Department of Public Service and Administration are adhered to.


3. In the policy Court Managers or Acting Court Managers are designated as Complaints Officers for their respective courts. In courts where there are no Court Managers the Office Manager or most senior official in that court becomes a Complaints Officer.


4. The Complaints Officers shall be responsible for co-ordinating the resolution of service delivery complaints against Business Units at the courts and this shall include referring such complaints to the relevant structures or individuals within the courts for investigation and resolution.


5. To streamline the management of complaints, only Complaints Officers will interact with complainants about the processing of complaints lodged.


6. Members of the public can lodge complaints through letters/emails or by completing a complaints form and submitting same to a Complaints Officer. (Click here to download the OCJ Complaints Form).


7. All complaints relating to services rendered at the courts by the OCJ our officials shall be investigated, managed and finalized at the courts by the designated Complaints Officers.


8. A National Complaints Officer has also been appointed and is located at the national office in Midrand.


9. The National Complaints Officer is responsible for co-ordinating the resolution of service delivery complaints against Business Units at the National Office and this includes referring these complaints to the relevant Units for attention.


10. The National Complaints Officer is also responsible for processing and resolving any appeals from complainants dissatisfied with the handling and / or outcomes of their complaints lodged at the courts as well as complaints lodged against officials at the National Office; (Click here to download the list of Complaints Officers and contact details).


11. The Secretary General of the OCJ shall be the last appeal point for all service delivery complaints lodged.


12. Members of the public are advised that the OCJ does not provide legal advice. For legal advice, one may contact Legal Aid South Africa for their assistance. This may be done by calling the Legal Aid Advice Toll Free Line: 0800 110 110. For more information visit their website on: http://www.legal-aid.co.za