COURT ONLINE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)        


Q   How to I access Court Online      

A   On any device that is connected to the internet, go to to register on Court Online


Q   How do I verify my account        

A   You will recive a Verfication Link on your email after you registerd succesfully, click on the link to sign in    


Q   How do I start a Case on Court Online     

A   You sign into Court Online Portal and Click on start a Case       


Q   I am starting a case but cannot submit it               

A   Please make sure that you fill-in all the details marked with an asterisk (*)       


Q   System message states my LPC number is invalid              

A   When you register please capture your details exactly as it is registered with the Legal Practice Council. If you have more than one name, capture all your names in the FIRST NAME field and if you changed your surname, try registering with your previous surname. If it still does not recognise your LPC number, please email your Personal Details and LPC number to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance or call the Help Desk (010 493 2600).             


Q   File does not appear on Court Online      

A   Please make sure that the PDF document file name is not saved with UPPERCASE letters only when uploading the Summons/Notice of Motion on                                 Court Online. Upload only the Summons/Notice of Motion and Affidavit/ Particulars of Claims or call HelpDesk (010 493 2600) 


Q   How do I apply for hearing date 

A   Fill in the Date Application Form, save as a PDF document and submit. You will receive a system notification as soon as a date is allocated and the hearing date will reflect under "Case details".     


Q   How do I get or give Access to a matter on Court Online  

A   To gain access to a matter for the first time, on the portal go to " Access a case". To look at a matter to which you already have access, go to my cases and search by case number or any of the parties. To invite someone, go to my cases, click on the case you want to access, then go to Parties & Contacts, type in the email address of a registered portal user, and click " send invite to contact". As soon as the access request is approved, the case will appear in your "my Cases" list.   


Q   How do I get a court order/Divorce decree           

A   Orders will appear under "my case documents" on Court Online. For matters prior to COurt Online, you can access the matter by clicking on VIEW CASE BUNDLES, then search with the case number. To access the file, click review and then scroll down to the COURT/DRAFT ORDER section. 


Q   How do I upload or remove an Attorney on my/company/firm profile       

A   Attorneys must register as individuals who are "with a law firm" and select their Firm from the list of registered firms when they register. The Firm Administrator can manage the members of the firm, including removing attorneys.   


Q   How do I create a Court Online  profile/account?

A   On, select Register, then complete all mandatory fields (marked with a red asteriks) and click Submit. You will receive a verification email to activate your account, where after you can log in with your email address and the password you selected during registration.   


Q   What is Bundle Freeze Date?      

A   Bundle Freeze Date is when the Registrar/Clerk freezes the bundle to prevent further upload or removal of document/s before the hearing date  


Q   How do I update /change my email address         

A   Your email address together with your password is your user login details and therefore cannot be changed.    


Q   How do I create an urgent case on Court on line 

A   When starting a case, ensure that you select "URGENT" at the "Please indicate if the Case is related to any of the following" field.   


Q   How do I upload supporting document/s on Court Online after receiving a Case Number              

A   Click on "My cases", search for the case by case number, own reference number or parties, select the case and then click on "My case documents". Drag or select your PDF document, select the document title, type your signature and click submit.    


Q   How do I create a bundle on Court Online            

A   Bundles can only be created when a hearing date is allocated. You will find the "Create bundle"option on the case details page, below the hearing date. Note: documents are not automatically transferred to the bundle. Once the bundle is created, you have to select and include the documents under "my case documents" where you have to click on the yellow "Bundle" button to add the documents.           


Q   How do I have full access to my  company/firm profile     

A   Firm Administrators have full access to the company/firm profile. Attorneys who are not administrators will be able to see their firm details but cannot amend the information.        


Q   What is/ where do I get an LPC number  

A   Legal practitioners (attorneys and advocates) who are registered with the Legal Practice Council have an LPC number. Legal Practitioners who are not in possession of their LPC number, should contact the Legal Practice Council.


Q   How do I clear an error message on Courtonline 

A   Please read the content of the Error Message before clicking OK. The contents of the error message provides guidance on what to do.


Q   What role should a candidate legal practitioner or law firm administrative staff without LPC numbers select upon registration?   

A   Candidate legal practitioners and administrative personnel without LPC numbers can register as being part of a law firm by selecting "Law Firm (Administrative/Candidate)".     


Q   What happens if I made an incorrect role selection upon registration?      

A   You will have to contact the help desk to delete your incorrect user profile and then select the correct role when you register afresh.


Q   Can I change the details I entered when I registered, e.g. incorrect spelling?          

A   Some details can be changed under “My Profile”. The fields that appear in grey are locked and those details cannot be amended.  


Q   Should a group of advocates register as individuals or as part of an organization? 

A   It is ideal for advocates to register as individuals. If there is a central administrator for members of the group, it may however be useful to register as an organisation. *The administrator can see the case details (case number & parties) of all cases that members of the organisation has access to, but cannot see the hearing dates, documents or contacts and cannot perform any work (upload/ download) on the cases. 


Q   Can a firm register only one account for use by everyone in the firm?       

A   Yes, it is possible but it should be noted that the details of the legal practitioner whose LPC number is used during registration, will appear on all submissions. 


Q   How does one go about linking various members of a firm to the same pre-existing cases on CaseLines when we used a different email address to register on CaseLines than the one we used to register on Court Online?             

A   Cases that were pre-existing in CaseLines cannot be seen from “My Cases” in the Court Online Portal. You can however see those cases when selecting “View CaseLines Bundle” only if you, from your original CaseLines profile, invite your Court Online email address to those cases. 


Q   If I cannot get through to the Court Online Call Centre, who can I contact?             

A   Enquiries can be made per email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or, for immediate assistance, on the open link per    


Q   Can members of my firm see or work on cases of other members within the firm?              

A   No. The firm administrator can see the case details (case number & parties) of all cases that members of the firm has access to, but cannot see the hearing dates, documents or contacts and cannot perform any work (upload/ download) on the cases. Members of a firm cannot see or work on cases of other members unless they are specifically invited to the case from “Parties & Contacts”.


Q   Is it possible to create folder structures for filing of pleadings and notices under ‘my case documents’?            

A   No. Once a bundle is created, pleadings and notices etc. can be added to the various sections.      


Q   What must we do if a duplicate file has been created on CaseLines?          

A   No person may create a file directly in CaseLines for matters that are initiated in Court Online. Note that a bundle is created for each hearing in a matter and these are not “duplicate files”.            


Q   What must we do if corrections or amendments are to be done in a case file?      

A   Details that are submitted cannot be amended afterwards. Likewise, documents that are uploaded cannot be removed from the file after submission. When the bundle is created, only the relevant documents need to be added to the bundle and incorrect documents can be excluded.      


Q   Why does the error message ‘Oh snap! Your document could not be uploaded’ appear when one tries to upload documents to an active case?  

A   Only PDF files can be uploaded to Court Online If the document size is very large, the upload may “time out” and the error message will appear. In such an instance, it is wise to attempt again when the network speed increases. Also ensure that the document (file name) is not in UPPERCASE letters only.  


Q   Do you need to wait a certain amount of time between uploads?               

A   No, there is no waiting time between uploads.    


Q   Must we upload annexures separately as we previously did on CaseLines?             

A   Each document must be uploaded separately and the appropriate document type selected.     


Q   How are matters opened that are OBO matters for one, or more minors? (eg. biological mother claiming on behalf of her two minor children, in a Loss of support matter?).              

A   There are two ways:       

      1.   Select “Person” and capture as follows:          

            First name: Sally Smart OBO  

            Last name: Sizwe Smart          

      2.   Select “Person” and capture the parent’s name under Plaintiff 1 as    

            First name: Sally Smart  

            Last name: OBO         

            Then capture the child’s name as Plaintiff 2    


Q   Can the system have an option to check when one is about to create a new matter whether a similar matter has not been registered already?           

A   No, this is not a system functionality as many cases may have the same parties without being duplicate cases. Portal users can however check their case list under “My Cases” to see if the case is already created before starting a new case.     


Q   Can a matter be deleted or removed on Court Online?     

A   No. matters may not be deleted, Court Online support may be contacted to have the matter closed, so that it will no longer be visible in your list of cases.      


Q   Can the parties be amended on the Court Online cover page if captured incorrectly?              

A   No, changes cannot be made to the details captured upon starting the case. The capturing errors reflected on the cover page does not pose an issue as long as it is cited correctly on all  notices and pleadings.   


Q   What must we do if Court Online does not automatically create a CaseLines bundle?              

A   Bundles can only be created when a hearing date is assigned to a matter Bundles are not created automatically. Once the hearing date is assigned, you have to click “Create Bundle” under “Next hearing date” on the “Case Details” page.  


Q   Does Court Online transfer the documents to CaseLines? If not, must we upload the documents onto CaseLines as well?         

A   There is no automatic “transfer” of documents from Court Online to the CaseLines bundle. You have to follow the following steps (BELOW) to ensure that your documents appear in the bundle:     

     1.   Under “My Case Documents”, select the yellow bundle button next to the particular hearing.          

     2.   Select the documents to add to the bundle by clicking in the tick-box to the left of the document name.

     3.   Select the section to which each document must be added from the dropdown list under Select Bundle Section to the right of the document name          

     4.   Click “Add Selection to Bundle”.   


Q   How we can go about uploading videos on Court Online, where such videos are annexures?        

A   Only PDF files can be uploaded in Court Online. For video annexures, upload a PDF document describing the video annexure together with a hyperlink to the video.


Q   How long should one wait for the bundle to be created on CaseLines before escalating the issue to the Court Online help desk?           

A   Once you click “Create Bundle”, it can take up to 15 minutes for the bundle to be created. Once the bundle is created, the “View Bundle” button will appear. Remember that the bundle will remain empty until you add documents to the bundle from “My Case Documents”. 


Q   Which bundle goes to the judge on the date of hearing? Would the judge have access to the master bundle or only the specific hearing bundle?

A   The Judge will automatically access the hearing bundle. Once the hearing bundle is accessed, the Judge has the ability to view the master bundle.     


Q   What is the correct process to enrol a matter for hearing on Court Online?            

A   Upload all required documents, then upload the date application form, selecting the relevant document type (“Application for Hearing Date”; “Application for Trial Date”; “Application for Pre-trial Date”; or “Application for Admission Date”.)       

A   *NB! Ensure that all required documents in terms of the Uniform Rules of Court; Practice Manual of the High Court Division and the court’s Directives are uploaded before submitting the date application form.     


Q   Can we get some notification upon allocating a date for hearing?

A   The system automatically sends a notification when a date is allocated.   

A   All notifications are available for viewing in the Portal by clicking on the bell. The system automatically sends an email notification as well. You can choose to receive SMS notifications in addition to the email notifications. Note that you can choose to receive notifications in real-time or once daily in the evening. These choices should be made in the “Contact details” section of “My Profile”.              


Q   What steps must one take if a matter does not appear on Court Online?  

A   If a matter does not appear, it is likely that the case was returned/rejected. The notification that is sent when a matter is returned/rejected will provide reasons why the matter could not be issued. Once the issues are corrected, the case may again be submitted for issuing.         

A   Network interruptions while submitting a case may also result in the case not appearing on Court Online. In such a case you will not have any notification that the case was submitted successfully and you will have to contact Court Online support to establish if you should start the case afresh.   


Q   What is the pre-hearing document that is required to be submitted?         

A   The pre-hearing document is any of the following:            

     Draft Order;       

     Heads of Argument;        

     Joint Minutes / Pre-trial Minutes;             

     Notice of Set-Down;       

     Practice Notes; or           

     Notice of Withdrawal of Action  


Q   What document should I upload when requesting access to a case?          

A   Any PDF document containing the reason for access, e.g. confirmation of a brief, appointment as attorney of record, journalistic interest etc.. DO NOT upload notices of intention to defend or applications for hearing dates as part of the request for access.     


Q   Can a member of public see or request access to any case            

A   Persons registered as "Member of Public" will only be able to gain access to cases wherein an order was granted.  


Q   What role should a journalist select to register on Court Online? 

A   Journalists should register as "Representing myself" in order to request