District Court Magistrates Training Programme


  1. Costs and Review of Taxation
  2. Judgment Writing workshop
  3. Train-the-Trainer on Cyber Crime and Electronic Evidence
  4. Conference on Environmental issues
  5. Conference on Cyber Crime & Electronic Evidence
  6. Seminar for Magistrates presiding in Family Courts
  7. Judicial Management Seminar


  1. Judicial Skills for Aspiring Magistrates
  2. Workshop for Presiding Officers in Children’s Court
  3. Workshop for Presiding Officers in Equality Courts
  4. Judicial Skills for Magistrates presiding in Criminal Courts
  5. PAIA and PAJA
  6. Protecting the rights of vulnerable groups in the family courts
  7. National Credit Act
  8. Computer and Research Skills
  9. Judicial Stress Management
  10. Criminal Procedure and Child Justice Act

Follow the link for the list of training objectives for the District Court Magistrates 2015 - 2016

District Court Magistrates Training Schedule 2015 - 2016